Janasi Industries, a subsidiary, develops and deploys JIRMS, a complete comprehensive package for CNG industry that monitors and manages an enterprise, redefining middle management and it's relevance with automation.

Mass Flow Meter

Coming soon.

CNG / LPG Dispensing

Puran has been active in fuel dispensers and associated controls for a decade. Specializing in design and manufacture of CNG dispenser controls, Mass flow meters for CNG dispensing and CNG dispensers. Other models include Propane, LPG, Gasoline (Petrol), Diesel and Multi product dispensers (MPD) with upto 8 products on a single dispenser. All the models are supplied with Mass Flow meters.

Ignition and Sequential Fuel Injection ECU

Puran manufactures automotive ECUs for Ignition and/or Fuel Injection controls in the Automotive industry, specifically Gaseous Fuels i.e. CNG, Propane and Hydrogen. The performance car market also utilizes these highly configurable ECUs. Same ECU can be used for 2 to 12 cylinder vehicles. The ignition can be single or multispark with coil per plug capability. Fuel injection is sequential for optimal fuel efficiency. Various sensors including MAP, ECT, TPS, Oxygen, etc. are supported. PC software is provided along with each unit if required or can be emailed upon request.

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