CNG Dispensers

Q: The delivery valve is actuating more than five times in a delivery?
A: The Stop Flow rate in Mode 26 needs to be reduced and adjusted at peak site pressure. It needs to be done individually for Position 1 and 2.

Q. The dispenser stops twice within 6 seconds of a delivery start?
A. ACCUFILL algorithm is turned on and it is normal, if you wish to turn it off you need to use Mode 27 and then also need to adjust Stop flow rate in Mode 26.

Q. How to restore factory defaults?
A. Use Mode 24 and Select Side 1, when prompted for Client ID enter the ID of the manufacturer (IMW = 3, Viridis = 2) and lastly Press Position is prompted enter 2, 4 or 5 depending on the type of dispenser (2 = single hose, 4 = dual hose, 5 = dual hose with 2 transducers per hose).

Q.What do the shut values show?
A. 1 = Maximum flow rate condition was not met and delivery is terminated, with CNG50 it is defaulted to 30 Kgs/min for 3 seconds, Mode 57 lets you adjust this.
2= Transducer sensed 125 or 135 % of vehicle fill pressure in the system and shut the delivery.
3= Target pressure reached and delivery was shutdown (this should be the most common code seen).
4= Open hose situation where either breakaway or O ring on needle type burst or pressure transducer is disconnected delivery is shut down in 4 seconds.
5= Accufill 100% target mass is reached (if Accufil option is turned on only then, Accufill has one know issue where a inadequate pressure in Low Bank stops sequencing).
6= Handle switch or Nozzle switch is turned off before target pressure was reached, this is also the stop button in some configurations.
7= Minimum flow rate condition was not met and delivery is terminated, with CNG50 it is defaulted to 1.5 Kgs/min for 16 seconds, Mode 57 lets you adjust this.
8= Mechanical pressure limit switch tripped or Emergency stop button is pressed, this also causes Panic stop message on the Numeric LCD and stops the dispenser from delivering another sale for 1 Minute.
9= MODBUS communication to CNG50 meters has stopped for at least six seconds and delivery is terminated.
A= If dual transducer per hose is used then if they are reading a pressure difference greater the specified parameters in Mode 89, it is defaulted to 15 Bar.
B= If card readers are used on the dispenser and the credit or debit card used is not authorized from the bank or controlling software. Only when Magnetic or Smart card or RFID reader/writer are installed, if any is ON this will appear.
C= If external authorization from an external card is dropped, linked to Mode 14 and only appears if mode is ON.
D= Preset value reached and delivery shutdown.
E= Brown out or power fail during delivery. (this will be seen on both sides if power failed on any one nozzle fueling).