CNG Dispensers

Our fuel dispenser designs include dispensers with single hose to MPD with 4 products on each side. This can be a combination of any type of product i.e. CNG, Gasoline, Diesel or LPG.

Every type of fuel is measured with Mass Flow Meters.

A unique five year warranty is offered on our dispensers. In a nutshell we warranty the electronics and metering equipment for a period of five years as long as the client looks after the hoses, nozzles and body work (if denting and painting is required).

The dispensers are constantly online and before the operator finds out about a fault it is already flagged at our servers and we are proactively notifying the site and the client.

We have been involved with fuel dispenser for 25 years. Initially making just the controls for Gasoline and Diesel dispensers. Over the years this turned to specialized Propane, LPG and CNG dispensers.

We also manufacture controls for Aviation refueling, our hydrant controller are capable of measuring the fuel flow and regulating the fueling pressure.

All our dispensers are available in kit form, this allows localized assembly in various countries making local manufacturers competitive.

CNG Dispenser Controller features

*Single, Dual and Quad hose configurations.
*Modbus interface to most popular Mass Flow meters.
*Two and three bank sequencing.
*Accufill filling algorithm wherein the water volume of vehicle tank is calculated and then filled to maximum capacity.
*AGFILL filling algorithm wherein the dispensers only stops once at the target pressure there are no intermediate stops for pressure checking.
*Smart Card, Magnetic card and RFID readers are provided as IS safe circuits. You do not have to make an either or choice, all are operable simultaneously.
*Preset accuracy is plus minus .03 KGs, the most accurate in the industry.
*Three RS485 ports, one of these ports is configurable as either RS232 or Rs485 Full/half duplex, LAN, interface ports for implementing IFSF, Gilbarco and SCADA protocols.
*Two Transducer per hose design which cross check against each.
*IS safe full qwerty keypads for data input, one per hose.
*Alpha numeric displays, one per hose, 6 numeric display in any configuration are possible on one dispenser.
*32 Bit Processor single board design.
*NTEP certified for Weights and Measures in North America.
*CSA certified for Class 1, Division 1, Group D.