Engine Controls

Puran has applied itself to Engine Controls to meet the needs of NGV vehicles. We are aware most of this market is in the developing world where the unit must perform the equivalent of Euro-3 compliance and yet be as cost effective as Distributor based Ignition engine. Two economically priced models cover the entire spectrum of under hood computing needs whether it be an ignition requirement or fuel injection requirement. JSN-8 units are meant for 90% of vehicles with upto 8 cylinders and JSN-12 units address the remaining bigger engines with 9 to 12 cylinders.

JSN-8 Series is capable of handling any engine from 2 to 8 pistons. It is completely configurable via a serial connection. It can function as a DIS ignition controller or as a Fuel injection Controller or both. This is managed in a compact enclosure. Alternately it can also do stepper motor control for restrictive fuel control where Fuel injectors are prohibitive due to cost reasons.

Various sensors inclusive of MAP, TPS, ECT, Oxygen or Lambda (three or four wire), Wideband Lambda and Stepper motor control are available.

The ECU also has CAN and LIN interfaces as options for communication.

JSN-12 Series is recommended for V10 and V12 engines. It has all the features of the JSN-8.

The PC based configuration software is provided with no price tag attached to it.